Friday, May 7, 2021

Cleaning Up After the Party

 I didn't receive any advice, probably because each person's journey is individual. Still, I did receive an answer to my question--is it worth it? A tiny little voice kept telling me all day that it was worth it. The idea of pulling away from what I've been doing for three decades seemed like a betrayal of the talent I had been given by the Master. He is there to overcome my mistakes, my insecurities, and help me along the path. 

It also helped that a couple of friends, one old and one new, saw one of my books at a party last night and were totally excited. The new friend won the book and her look of gratitude was balm to my heart. Okay, so I am not quite ready to grind away at the classes, courses, pundits, and how-to's for a few days. (Going to watch some of my grands for a week.) Still, I am a writer and I am going to keep on working as long as the creativity continues. 

Would still like to hear from anyone with similar experiences....

In the meantime, read! Doesn't matter whose book, or what book, just read and enjoy!

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