Friday, January 8, 2021

 Happy New Year!!!  

(Using hubby's Christmas gag gift to say farewell to 2020. "Take that, 2020!")

It has started with a bang, but despite what we have inherited from 2020, there is great hope for this year. At least for me. I am so very optimistic that this year will be a wonderful year. Is it because it will be easier than last year? No.  Will it be better because the road is smooth? No, the road is extremely bumpy, as seen from events this week (1/6). 

I think it will be a wonderful year because I am determined for it to be a wonderful year. I am determined to be grateful, I am determined to be successful. I am determined to feel joy. In other words, it's inside of me. My attitudes, my goals, my outlook is up to me. If I decide everything is gloomy, it will be. If I find pleasure in a beautiful sunset on a really cold and gloomy day, I will be happy.   

Fun in the snow on New Year's day!

I know this sounds Pollyanna, but it's really true. Let's be grateful, let's be forgiving, let's be giving. Let's be kinder. Let's wait a moment before venting our anger and think about what our actions might do to others before we strike out. Let's make this a great year!!  

If these two can get along.... (Zorro, recently fixed, and Scamp)