Saturday, April 11, 2015

Only five more days!  It's hard to believe that on Wednesday, April 15th, my new book will be available!

And guess what I am going to be doing on my publication day?  Running a book fair until 8 pm. 

However, that doesn't keep folks from getting a copy. The Mendel Experiment will be available for purchase on Amazon and through my publisher, World Castle Publications. And what is even more exciting is that there will be a hardcover edition. I do not know all the details, but will pass the information along when I get it. 

This is what the book is about:  The Federation is desperate for the rare materials that have been detected on Mendel, a planet at the very edge of Federation territory. However, Mendel's sun is deadly to humans. The solution is to develop special mutated humans who can live on the planet. 

Corree and her family have been living on Mendel for five years before the weird dreams begin. They disclose suppressed memories, Federation mandates and lead her on a quest to find other mutant families on the planet. When her quest takes her to the equatorial desert, she finds a terrifying enemy  that will take her far beyond Mendel's solar system....

I hope you will consider purchasing a copy.  Thanks and happy reading!