Monday, October 4, 2021

I Like Cats!

 I guess I could be called a cat person. I have always loved cats. They're soft, can be cuddly (when they choose), and they have an elegance that I have always admired. Most of the animal books I read, growing up were about cats. (Well, except during my horse phase--then I loved horses!) 

Actually I still like horses, too
(Express Clydedale Farm, Yukon, OK)

I grew up with cats. My mother had a purebred Siamese cat in Alaska that absolutely despised me, probably because I was too young to treat her like the goddess she felt she was. Ming Sue Khan became the holy grail as far as I was concerned. I wanted that cat to like me more than anything! As she and I grew older, I learned how to treat royalty properly and she allowed me into her realm. After her death, we didn't have any cats until Dad retired and bought a 'gentleman's' ranch. 

There was Tom, who mainly lived outside, (except when I let him sneak in during the cold nights of winter. Never mind that there was a barn where he could sleep very warm and cozy.) There were others, but I can't remember their names. 

When I was in Wyoming, living on my own, I had a cat I named Chewie (he was large and furry!). He followed me into marriage. Then began a procession of cats who held pieces of our hearts, because my husband is a pet person, too. We always had a dog or two, because he's a dog person, but Dan also shared my love for the aloof felines who wandered into our lives. 

Diego, an all-around phenomenal cat
Our daughter with Melvin. 

Currently, we have two black cats. The first one, Scamp, was (and still is) quite put out with our acquisition of Zorro, but he hasn't figured out how to make Zorro believe he's the alpha cat. I don't think he ever will. BTW black cats are NOT bad luck (except for me when I have to get up in the middle of the night!) The inventor of nightlights must have owned a black cat.



Just for laughs, I did a little video about being a cat person (not a cat lady!!) I tried to add it to my blog post, but I guess it's too long. Ah, well...