Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How Real Life Affects an Author

I guess I should say, how real life affects this author. Can't really speak for other authors.

A little over a week ago, my husband had heart valve replacement at Parkwest Hospital in Knoxville. Thankfully, it was the newer procedure, called TAVR or TAVI. TAVR procedure

Despite the fact that it is much less invasive, it is still a procedure that deals with the heart, so it was still scary. Amazing what a little-bitty valve does for a guy, though. His color was so much better after surgery.

Anyway, sitting in the surgery waiting room; sitting in the CCU waiting room (he was in cardiac intensive care for almost two days), or sitting in a motel room waiting should afford excellent opportunity for story writing....

Parkwest Hospital

Now don't think me totally unproductive. I did get some writing, some editing, and some marketing (that part can become rote so that was an easy option) done, but worry and a sore bum does something to one's creativity.

Anyway, playing the safer course and staying home with my precious better half until things get regulated. (There was a good reason he got the TAVR! Most don't qualify, sad to say.) That has been harder for him, I think, than recovering in the hospital.

So, while trying to help him, I work on what I can, hoping that some lovely muse decides to visit. I leave you with a nice soothing picture
Muffet, playing in packing paper. She actually lends her personality to the novel I am working on.