Saturday, July 7, 2018

Realms of the Cat- coming soon!

I have great news!  My latest novel, a fantasy named Realms of the Cat, (I alluded to that in the last blog entry.) will be available July 23rd!  I am so excited. This is a story that has taken time to get from brain to book-in-hand. The cover is magnificent (thanks, Karen), editing is wonderful, (thanks, Etowah Writers Guild, RPLA judges, and Maxine), and I actually put in a few illustrations.

Butch, one of the characters. 

Realms is a middle grade (and up) fantasy about several cats and dogs working together. Here is the blurb:

TB is perfectly happy as a free city cat until he learns he has lived another life in an alternate universe.  The human girl in his former family is in danger and TB is assigned to go through an interdimensional portal and protect her. Instead of protecting her, he has made it possible for someone to kidnap her. Now TB must gather a team of cats and dogs to go back through the portal and rescue her. At the same time, he must figure out why all of the city’s dogs are disappearing.

If you like fantasy, stories about cats and/or dogs, you will like this one!  It is currently available for pre-order from Smashwords (half price in July) and Barnes & Noble (all formats).