Wednesday, December 22, 2021

 A Cat Named Dihana Prinzess

I have been working on a new novel about a research submarine. Before you start thinking Tom Clancy or someone similar, I have tried to avoid all similarities to a cold war thriller. This is science fiction. A month or so ago, I was digging around in Amazon to see what books might be similar to what I am working on. I only came up with one thing that even came close... Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. So I guess I can say without hesitation, if you enjoyed 20,000 Leagues, you will love mine. When I finish it.

Anyway, I figured since it's a research sub, (despite it originally being a decommissioned
LA class nuclear submarine), I had a bit of leeway. My devious mind decided to give 
Sea Dragon a ship's cat. Normally that wouldn't have been allowed, but when my boat
stopped at a port o'call in the Mediterranean, one of the crew was coerced into taking a
cat. At first he didn't know he was getting a cat. The feline was part of the purchase of a
nice basket a cherubic-faced boy sold him. The boy's parting shot was: "Her name is
Dihana Prinzess."

Being the soft-hearted soul he was, the seaman wasn't going to just dump the cat, so he smuggled her aboard. How fortuitous it was for Dihana that the cook had been complaining about mice. (Figured even subs might have a problem with them occasionally.) Dihana earns her keep before the khakis (officers) figure out they have a stowaway on board. About that time the new cook's assistant has a litter of kittens. 

BTW I'm sure you figured out who the boy named the cat after. 

I hope your holidays are wonderful, and don't forget... Books make the best kind of presents any time of the year!

Pictures courtesy of Pixabay.


  1. I hope the cat likes cockroaches because they are more prevalent on submarines. (Mice are extremely rare.) How does your book compare to that science fiction TV series called SeaQuest?

    1. I remember replying, but evidently not here. So here goes... I only watched snippets of SeaQuest. Roy Scheider made a great captain, but I think the show gained a touch of the Wesley Crusher syndrome--genius kid that always was getting into trouble? Nary a kid in my Sea Dragon stories. If there is an influence, it is Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, without the dumb monsters. Hopefully when it's published, it will come off as easy to read, classic scifi.
      Oh, and I figured a boat, even a large one like Sea Dragon, wouldn't have many mice, but I have a cat who eats bugs so Dihana will be happy stalking cockroaches and sleeping on the captain's bed, especially if the cook gives her kibble each day. (And yes, they are responsible submariners--the kitty was spayed.)