Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Have you Heard the Latest Joke, er Tech? #AuthorToolboxBloghop

 The other day I Tweeted, then Reddit. 

I put the same ad on Facebook (about thirty or so FB pages), pinned the ad on Pinterest, posted it on Linkedin, with more shares on Twitter and Reddit; then emailed the notice to my friends and relatives. It went on Instagram with scads of hashtags (my eternal thanks to my daughter for tutoring me in those!) I begged for reviews in Goodreads. The trailer went up on YouTube, also shared to different places. Oh, yes, and I mustn't forget the updates to my web page and the new "campaign" on my mailer list!

I knew from the outset that I would be doing my own marketing, but the world of computers has exploded since my first book was published in 2010. Amazon was barely tossing out Create Space, for crying out loud. 

I caught on to website building then someone pulled out a different 'platform.'  'New and improved' have been marching along like soldiers in a Veteran's Day parade ever since. I keep trying to keep up, to learn, but my poor Pooh brain struggles sometimes. The other day I heard about something called TikTok. It's a bit controversial in some circles so not going there right now. It's hard enough learning all the nuances of Zoom, Facebook live, Google live, etc. etc. especially with Covid messing up live selling and school visits. 

I did some quick searching. There is: Snapchat, Lasso, Qzone, Tumblr, Sina Weibo, Ask.fm, Flickr, Wattpad, Bebo, etc.  Granted, most of these didn't appear to be great marketing outlets, however, I used to think the same thing for Instagram and Twitter. 

Then I just saw this!!! I had to pick myself up off the floor!

75+ Social Media Sites You Need to Know in 2020

Just let me figure out the top half dozen!!!  

With that said, I would love to hear anyone's success story with a particular social media platform!  


  1. I keep do as much as I can - Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest - but I don't think social media sells many books. At least not my books. If you figure out a magic formula, do let us know!

  2. I hear all these testimonials that say that's the key, but I must have the wrong lock!

  3. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo true! I can't keep up. Tiktok is worthwhile right now, because people are following like crazy. That honeymoon period will fade with time, and then like other sites, it will be more difficult to gain a following. #booktok is in its infancy in case anyone wants to get in while the getting's good.

  4. It is a constant media explosion for authors and it can be overwhelming. Best to pick platforms you feel comfortable using. Once you learn a new one decide which old one hasn't earned its place in your media time and drop it. We have enough marketing stuff detracting from our writing as it is. Thanks for a great post.

  5. Oh my gosh, Susan, I'm with you. There is just too much media and not enough of me or my typing fingers to go around.

    I've stopped trying to figure out each and every platform. Instead, I focus on the few I'm most comfortable doing. I avoid Twitter and stay on Instagram, for example. On Instagram I feel like I've built good, solid relationships with other users who like similar books, and I feel it's very worth it. I genuinely care about their writing journey (if they are authors) and feel supported in turn. It's not so much pure marketing as genuine interaction. I do need to remember to branch out to the new and exciting platforms, but my advice would be to focus on the quality of the social media you choose, rather than the quantity. It seems like Zoom and live interactions (like Facebook live) would be most valuable for you, since you do classroom visits. Just a thought!

  6. I'm on the further end of the age spectrum, but I embrace technology. Maybe it's because I'm too stubborn to be ignorant!
    My biggest return seems to be on Pinterest and Instagram. I have to force myself to go on Instagram because, until recently, I had to use my phone, and I'm a laptop girl. But even when I don't post all the time there, I still get new followers. Go figure.